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Buy Fake 2000 and 500 Indian currency online that looks and feels reals,  with just 1 click you can buy fake currency notes online at cheap rate. We have the best fake money online  for sale without any risk involved, our notes can bypass the pen test and the UV light. we also provide the best place where you can buy fake money online without any fear.

You buy counterfeit money online for several professional and personal reasons. fake Indian currency notes is a very useful currency as it is used in India ATM machines. So if you want to buy fake money online especially Indian currency that can be used anywhere in India, you can trust fake Indian currency for sale , the 15 years old company providing high-quality, risk-free fake currencies of almost all the major countries. They are a very famous fake currency producer and their art has an excellent perfection that you cannot detect any fake signs from the unreal notes. Buy Indian Rupee online and utilize it as per your requirement. The notes have a 100% authentic look and 100% undetectable. The banknote paper, metallic Ink, inner specialized fiber and the watermark, everything is included in every note perfectly. The note is granted for public use, only after a successful light testing. Millions of Indian Currency is revolving around the world without facing any kind of issues. This is one of the greatest achievements of the company.

Security features of our fake undetectable 2000 and 500 Indian notes below :
Intaglio printing
Security thread
See-through register
Special foil/special foil elements
Iridescent stripe / shifting colors.


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19 reviews for BUY FAKE 2000 AND 500 INDIAN RUPEE NOTES

  1. Pramod

    I haven’t actually bought anything from the site yet but my buddy in Hyderabad told me he actually got his package but his only complains was the quality of the 2000 notes but the 500 and 100 notes were good. i think this guys are legit.

  2. Ramesh, Arjun

    Best Quality Notes with Grade A notes .

  3. Ahmad, Musa

    Grade AA+ notes .

  4. Kumar , Rai

    Very good delivery service.

  5. Raju

    Note quality is always the best . keep it up guys

  6. AKshay Tyagi

    No questions ask. This guys have the best 500 notes

  7. Anil

    Can you delivery to hyderabad

  8. Sharma

    Good job. The India rupees i got from you guys is 100% undetectable and looks like the real money.

  9. Siddhesh

    Someone recommended me to this site. Said the notes are good

  10. bralse

    As the expert, I can assist. Together we can come to a right answer.

  11. Raddit Mohamad

    Best Quality Notes. i will recommend you buy only grade A notes

  12. AL-Hind, Arav

    Trust Worthy Company. I have been buying counterfeit money from them for over 10 years without any problem with shipping and their notes are 100% grade A notes

  13. Ishaan

    Brooooooo. Thank you very much for what you have done to me . I received my notes and the 500 notes you sent me look exactly like the original notes, I use some of the notes at my local ATM machines and it pass it without any problem .

  14. Amarjeet Singh

    Delivery is slow but the quality is good though

  15. Viraj

    Is it save to buy from this website ?
    Anyone ?

  16. Arjun

    I don’t know they are legit or fake reviews are good but a friend told me he actually bought notes from this site and the quality was good but the delivery was slow

  17. Ranveer singh

    This company is trustworth..And the customer will get the ordered fake money but shipments always delay but you receive them definitely

  18. Chaitanya

    The 500 notes are much authentic than the 2000 notes

  19. Yash

    Your 500 notes are very good quality, I was scared to use the 2000 notes because i wasn’t sure since the notes are of high value

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